“Fathers in miniature looks”: These are the daughters of famous people who look much like their fathers

Here are well-known people’s heiresses who are the copies of their fathers

There is a widespread belief that if a girl looks like her father, she will be absolutely happy during her life. There are many cases when heiresses inherit not so “female” features from their fathers, whereas this doesn’t prevent them from being happy and successful. So these are the charming daughters of famous male celebrities who look much alike their fathers.

The daughter of A. Sandler – his exact copy.

The heiress of Urgant. Looks much alike her dad.

Kardashian’s and West’s daughter looks more like her father.

And the daughter of Yoyovich looks like both her mother and father.

Jagger’s girl looks like him more than his other 7 kids.

The daughter of L. Tyler is the copy of him.

Zoi Karvic surpassed her father.

The shape of her father’s eyes!

What can you say?

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