After working 60 hours, O’Rourke finished his woodworking triumph  

Some things just have to be seen to be believed.

Looking at something such as Horse in the Oak enters into this list.

Simon O’Rouke displays a high degree of craftsmanship in this piece of art.

Beginning with just two big oak nests, O’Rouke can imagine “Dexter” inside it. A rude sketch as well as a chainsaw are all he needs to bring Dexter to life.

By carefully cutting out two stumps, O’Rouke forms the primary shape of the horse. With the help of several ties, he is able to hold the two major parts of the horse together.

As the horse’s form begins to take shape, O’Rouke demonstrates that the devil is in the attributes.

By carving calculated lines on the muzzle and body of the horse Dexter is really starting to come alive.

O’Rouke chooses a horse pose that shows him in a semi-gait. This feature makes the horse more realistic, reminiscent of the correct position of a horse in the wild.

O’Rouke gives Dexter the sensible look of a horse in nature by using multiple dyeing as well as weathering to it.

From a distance, this wood carving can easily be mistaken for a real horse.

After working more than 60 hours, O’Rouke finished his woodworking triumph. Dexter, located overlooking the field, really came to life.

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