“A heavenly beautiful woman”: These photos of Bellucci proved that she is one of the most charming women

Monica Bellucci’s archival photos delighted the fans of the Italian diva

It is not a secret that this Italian actress is regarded one of the loveliest, graceful and feminine women on Earth.

She is surrounded with millions of women who adore her unearthly beauty as well as millions of men none of whom can stay indifferent towards the actress.

It is worth noting that the Italian diva is not embarrassed about age-related changes in her appearance and encourages others as well to accept themselves the way they are.

Whereas there are some people who claim that the model has become a totally ordinary woman and now has nothing special. Not long ago, the charming diva posted one of her old archival photos leaving every single one speechless. No one could stop admiring the angelical beauty.

In the photo, the celebrity is in an elegant white dress showing off her stunning figure and femininity. People rushed to leave such comments “What an unearthly beauty”, “Simply gorgeous”, “What are you doing with us?’, “Wow, Monica”.

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