These are 18 surprising facts about the world in which we live without knowing anything about

Here are 18 unusual and astonishing facts about the world we live in

The humanity never ceases to discover historical things, reveal the secrets and mysteries of our nature as well as make up fantastic inventions.

Even those people from ancient Greece regularly made attempts to explore one of the most dangerous and mysterious places in the whole world – the black sea, where at a depth of 2 km exists a layer of hydrogen sulfide destructive to all living beings. So here are several surprising facts about the Earth we live on.

The inseparable friendship between a bear and a wolf in a national park

The Bonsai tree has normal sized apples.

This curious orangutan tries to catch fish with a spear.

The development of a residential area in Lemmer, Netherlands

Kukur Tihar Day is devoted to dogs and people undertake every possible thing to treat them on that special holiday.

The cephalothy ant’s immense head serves as a barrier to the anthill.

This extraordinary library in Turkey is actually made of books which were thrown away.

The popular fire agate, Arizona

This beautiful blue bird makes everyone admire it.

Telephone booths in London lie in a landfill.

The sea foam photographed by a high-speed professional camera

Kordal made a stupendous sculpture and named it “Politicians discuss global warming”.

Here is the inside of a cedar cone.

During the quarantine, the spectators of a fashion show were places in the field to keep distance between them.

This plane was lost in a Polish village of Wulka.

Olga Ziemska built a sculpture titled “Stillness in Motion”.

Everything you see here was made of concrete.

These are Greek bracelets which are 2200 years old.

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