“The reality”: The Hollywood celebrities are actually not as flawless as we believe they are

Here are facts after which you will change your opinion about celebrities

Many of us hold the opinion that the successful and popular Hollywood stars are absolutely ideal and possess no imperfections, whereas in some cases they appear to look the way a lot of questions and hesitations rise about their perfectness.

So here are some of the world famous stars who are actually not perfect.

C. Diaz (confessed she has not used deodorant for more than 20 years)

R. Crowe (His colleagues say he doesn’t like taking a shower)

J. Aniston (It is thought she has bad breath)

L. DiCaprio (He showers once a week in order to save water)

G. Paltrow (Some complain about her specific smell)

J. Simpson

K. Kardashian (She hasn’t used deodorants since 2013)

U. Thurman (She rarely changes her clothes)

M. Foxx (She admitted that she sometimes forgets to flush the toilet)

J. Depp (He doesn’t take a shower as well)

B. Spears (She often forgets to brush her teeth and doesn’t shower for weeks)

What do you think?

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