“Plus-size Barbie”: The girl with a non-standard appearance became a new star showing a full-length photo

This unique girl became a new Internet star ruining the stereotypes of beauty

Today’s heroine is a unique girl with unusual appearance whose confidence can be envied by many beauties.

Still being at her 22, this girl named Caitlan Redding has already gained popularity and became a new Internet star. She is very self-confident and calls herself “A plus-size Barbie”. Whereas it has not always been the same.

For a relatively long time, the girl didn’t post anything except for selfies as she had complexes and insecurities because of her overweight. But gradually, she started to gain confidence with the help of praising and positive comments on her address.

Meanwhile, there were also those who constantly criticized her claiming that such girls as her shouldn’t wear open and revealing clothes so as not to show their imperfect and non-standard figure. Initially, such comments made her upset and devastated, whereas over time she learnt not to react and pay attention to the criticism.

Nowadays, she regularly posts her photos and doesn’t feel shy about her extraordinary appearance. What is more, everything is alright with her personal life and she sometimes posts photos with her partner as well.

Her boyfriend has recently proposed Caitlan gifting her a beautiful ring. Their life is full of emotions and positive energy. The only advise from her is to learn how to accept and love ourselves.

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