“Not the same anymore”: Jessica Parker astonished her fans with her wrinkles and age-related changes

Jessica Parker doesn’t hide her imperfections showing her age-related changes

S. Jessica Parker has long been called the true style of beauty and icon by millions of people. The charming woman started to gain world fame and love after the movie ” Sex and the City”.

And it is apparent that the charming lady is not the same anymore.

The successful actress refuses to undergo any plastic surgeries showing the whole world that beauty is actually not ageless and eternal. Her fans rushed to claim that the 53-year-old star looks much older than she actually is. In past, her legs and neck told about her age but now her face clearly shows that.

Yet the woman doesn’t even try to hide her flaws and imperfection refusing to undergo any plastic surgeries or beauty procedures. In the following pictures she had a light makeup which failed to cover her wrinkles.

It seems like that the graceful woman is not afraid of aging at all.

Sarah regularly moisturizes her skin, drinks a lot of water and applies sunscreen whereas, according to her fans, somehow looks much older than she is.

She has recently been heavily criticized for her natural look.

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