“Impossible to take our eyes off her”: Natali Portman in a mini skirt and top looks like a young girl

41-year-old Natali Portman in a mini skirt and top surprised everyone

Portman at her 41 doesn’t appear in the center of scandals and rumors and even paparazzi and journalists rarely catch her on the Red Carpet. Natali is considered a legendary actress who delights her loyal fans with her each appearance.

She has never been distinguished from others and dressed up in an appropriate way. But recently, she shared an interesting photo wearing a mini pink skirt and a very short top showing off her body. The actress is currently in Italy on a vacation.

Portman at her 41 is still miniature and good-looking making everyone admire her. It is simply impossible to take our eyes off the woman. It goes without saying that Natali looks much younger than she actually is.

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