Here is what the legendary actors from the film “The Thorn Birds” look like after about 40 years

This is how the iconic actors from “The Thorn Birds” have changed so far

The legendary film “The Thorn Birds” was released in 1983 and immediately gained popularity and love all over the world.

The picture can surely be listed among the golden fund of the Hollywood film industry.

No matter how many times you watch it, you will definitely find something new and interesting every single time. The plot reveals pure love and the start of a romantic relationship which made every viewer excited about the characters.

It has already been 36 years since the film was released and it is needless to say that all the actors and actresses who starred in it have radically changed so far.

R. Chamberlain

The man managed to build a fantastic career as an actor. He also writes books, draws and is a musician. Whereas the actor wasn’t successful in his personal life. He is still alone.

R. Ward

She became a successful filmmaker, got married and has had three kids.

B. Brown

Brown still remains a demanded actor. He has been married for 35 years and has had one daughter.

P. Laurie

Laurie still participates in films and has been nominated an Oscar.

Ch. Plummer

Such a praiseworthy and skillful actor.

B. Cullen

Cullen succeeded in building a wonderful career in cinema.

B. Stanwyck

She was a great actress as well.

J. Simmons

Apart from being a successful actress, the woman was also a talented singer.


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