Each girl was madly in love with Seseo from “Clone”: How does the actor look after 19 years?

Here is Seseo from “Clone”: This is what he looks like 19 years later

Seseo from the popular series “Clone” used to steal millions of women’s hearts at that time.

The famous and beloved Brazilian series was a real sensation and people from all over the world were excited waiting for the new episodes forgetting about the daily chores and immersing into the pure love story. It is worth mentioning that not only the lead roles appeared in the center of the viewers’ attention, but also secondary characters whom people also liked and sometimes even adored. And one of those roles was played by Seseo.

Whereas during his childhood and teenage years, the actor simply couldn’t imagine becoming a well-known and successful actor conquering millions of hearts. As a young boy, he weighed, believe it or not, about 100 kilos. But everything radically changed when he fell in love and realized he needed to transform.

Though Marone hasn’t had major roles after the legendary series, he eagerly continued his career as an actor. The handsome man is also a musician and a model. Despite the fact that about 20 years have already passed since “Clone” was released, he still remains one of the most beloved and desirable actors in Brazil. The actor is now hard to recognize but is still adored by millions.

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