Believe it or not, our beloved Norris is already 82: This is what the actor now looks like

Chuck Norris has already turned 82 years: How does he look now?

In March, the actor and martial artist celebrated his 82th birthday.

Lately, he was a guest on TV screens. The legendary man rarely appears in shows or events and little do people know about the actor at the moment.

Norris has brilliantly starred in about 40 films and the most famous and beloved ones are “The Way of the Dragon” and “Walker, Texas Ranger” after which he achieved great success being worth the title “the coolest man on Earth”.

He played a cameo role in one of the most recent pictures “The”. It is worth noting that before that the actor hadn’t appeared in any films for about seven years.

Whereas he was actively engaged in charity and missionary conferences at that time dedicating most of his time to his wife Gina as well.

There are several reasons why the iconic artist determined to leave the cinema.

Norris frequently takes part in advertising demonstrating various products on his social networking pages.

Chuck had to give up on sports and hard work because of a heart attack. However, he always smiles and looks like the world’s happiest man in public.

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