“Behind the scenes”: Here are the rarest archival photos of the legendary film “Titanic”

These are rare archive photos behind the scenes of our beloved “Titanic”

This legendary film can, in fact, be listed in the golden heritage of film industry gaining 11 Oscars and limitless love from millions of viewers all over the world. It is utterly impossible to watch the dramatic film without bursting into tears and getting a bunch of emotions.

And it is, of course, very interesting and intriguing to witness what actually happened and how the actors and actresses look behind the scenes.

The filming of the film took place in 1990s and obviously there weren’t such special effects and graphics at that time as we have now.

The director of the great film was Cameron who, being a real perfectionist, controlled the whole process.

To make the actors and actresses look and play realistically, the water they were in was actually icy.

Though our beloved movie is dramatic and ends in a very tragic way, its special and heartwarming atmosphere attracted everyone.

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