“A legendary film adored by millions”: Here is what the Disco Dancer’s wife and kids look like now

This is how the Disco Dancer, wife and children have changed

There is probably no one who hasn’t ever watched one of the great movies of this legendary film star Mithun Chakraborty.

He became one of the most demanded and influential actors in India who was the very man who managed to make all Indians’ dreams come true and become their idol.

No one actually came into surprise when becoming aware of the fact that the guy started to participate at the theatre since his early childhood years due to his charisma and artistical skills.

He mainly gained world fame and popularity thanks to his legendary role “Disco Dancer” which was adored by millions of viewers.

The skillful actor has been married twice. His first marriage was before his popularity and the reason of divorce was connected with finances. He is currently married to actress Yogita Bali who dedicated her career to family life.

The spouses have had three heirs and then adopted a girl.

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