When the mother wanted to take a picture of her daughter, their lovely dog always joined her. The result was wonderful!  

You will fall in love with the adorable photos of a baby girl and her loving pup.

Meet Jack, a cute dog, who adores his family, but there’s one person he loves the most: a little girl named Raven, who has been his inseparable friend since she was born.

Their mommy likes to photograph them together, and their wonderful photos became so famous on social media attracting thousands of people from all over the world.

Their bond is indescribably strong, and the dog follows his little friend everywhere. Even when mommy wanted to take a photo of her daughter, their dog was always by her side. At first it made her angry, later she found something fascinating in it and the mom began to photograph these two babies together. She called the amazing photos “The Story of Raven and Jack.”

Just look at these beauties! They are real wonders!

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