This woman at her 92 bequeathed her flat to a lawyer in exchange for a big pension and lived until 122

The incredible story of Jeanne Calment who lived up to 122 years

A woman named Jeanne from France was born in 1894 in the town of Arel. Her father was a rich and successful shipowner so the girl’s childhood years passed quite comfortably.  At the age of 21, Jeanne met her future husband who was also a wealthy and well-to-do person. The woman took a great interest in hunting and sports, met world famous celebrities but wasn’t engaged in her household duties. Absolutely everything was done by cleaners and assistants.

Whereas the carefree life of the family of her husband, her, their daughter and their granddaughter, regrettably, didn’t live long. In 1932, their daughter passed away and after several years her beloved husband also died. What is more, when Jeanne was at her 60, her granddaughter passed away because of a fatal accident. This is how poor Jeanne was left absolutely alone. And one day, an experienced lawyer named Francois Raffret was interested in her. He really liked the luxurious apartment of the woman but Jeanne was not going to sell it.

Raffret proposed a beneficial contract: he undertook to pay the woman a substantial pension in exchange on condition that the flat after her death would go to him. The woman agreed as the lawyer promised her about 2000 francs a month. And Jeanne somehow managed to live even longer than the lawyer himself.

She lived till 122, yet the lawyer passed away before her, at the age of 77.

Jeanne was a very lucky woman who, despite her age, was still full of energy and enthusiasm.

The elderly woman passed away at the age of 122 in her hometown. Even days before her death, she possessed a good memory and clear mind.

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