The fashion is coming back: This is what wedding dresses of the 19th century’s brides wore

This is what the brides and grooms looked like in the 19th century

At any times, wedding is considered one of the most important and remarkable events in the life of each and every girl. All brides undertake everything in order to look perfect on that special day, that’s why it takes them much time to choose a dress. Here are photos of how the weddings were held and what kind of dresses they used to wear in the past.

Currently, women can afford to wear either a modest dress or a revealing one which is not true concerning the dresses of the previous centuries.

At that time, brides’ legs should undoubtedly be covered and no one could see the shoes that brides wore.

In order to make the dresses more interesting, women also used ornament, lace, embroidery and so on. Their outfits were almost always decorated with real flowers.

“The fashion dictates”, “Nothing has really changed”, “The fashion is coming back”.

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