Love of any kind can overcome any obstacles for sure  

We teach our kids not to judge others and to show kindness to everyone not paying attention to the differences.

 A couple from Arkansas realized firsthand what a heart of gold their son has.

In the clip, which has gained popularity, a boy carries his little brother (who was born with Down syndrome) and sings the tune “10,000 Hours” to him. It’s a magnificent moment with an even more wonderful scene behind it.

A boy sings to his little brother and says, “Aren’t we all different?”

Nicole Powell and her husband J. J. Grieve were delighted to learn that they were expecting another baby in their family.

However, during the meeting, the couple received heartening news. The scan showed doctors that their child would have a poor quality of life because of health problems. In fact, they even advised terminating the pregnancy.

However, the people of Cabot did not lose hope. Grieve told THV11:

“I was recommended to terminate the pregnancy, but I was completely against it.”

Only a few weeks later, their child’s health became alright. The couple eventually had their son Tripp born with an extra chromosome.

Powell and Grieve spoke to their older children about Tripp, who has Down syndrome. In an interview with THV11 News, the mother of five explained:

“I didn’t want our boys to feel shy for him as he’s still their little brother no matter what he has.”

Instantly, their son Rayce jumped up with the most wistful answer. As mentioned by Powell, he asked, “Aren’t we all different?” Parents rapidly calmed down, realizing that the newborn would be admitted.

Since Tripp was born, he has been a wonderful addition to their family. However, there is one particular activity that Rayce enjoys doing with his brother that has captured the heart of internet users. He enjoys singing for him.

In the popular clip, Rayce can be seen hugging Tripp as he sings “10,000 Hours”, a Dan as well as Shay and Justin Bieber song. Fortunately, Powell made a decision to post the wonderful moment on Facebook.

He also added the following notion.

“This is how is the connection between the brothers. He sings to him all the time. He considers this song is about him and his brother. He sings. “I was ready to spend 10,000 hours and another 10,000 if that’s what your beloved one needs to acquire.

I may never reach there, but I’ll try, whether it’s 10,000 hours or the balance of my life, I’ll love you.”

Powell ended his post powerfully, writing:

“The count of chromosomes will not interfere to love, or as Rayce says. – Aren’t we all different?

Unsurprisingly, the clip has over 44,000 shares on Facebook during a week and made headlines as well.

The users were touched by this scene and left enthusiastic comments. Powell responded with his own, saying:

“I wish I could reply to all the comments, Rayce and Tripp were friends even in the intensive care unit. Thank you all for your love towards my dear boys.”

Sometimes small cases of love and kindness can lift your spirits the most. This is definitely one of those cases.

You can watch the couple’s interview with THV11 News underneath. Congratulate them on their magnificent period of joy!

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