Junk food and cellulite: Bellucci greatly surprised her fans with her aged appearance in her recent photos

This is what the icon of female beauty Bellucci actually looks like

There is a widespread stereotype that celebrities and world famous stars are unearthly beautiful and simply flawless.

Whereas their fantastic appearance in published photos and events does not always corresponds to their look in real life. It is worth mentioning that most of them also have complexes and suffer insecurities.

Considering that Bellucci is regarded one of the most charming and beloved actresses as well as her popularity and success undoubtedly give her much confidence and grace. Though we should always keep in our mind that they are also totally ordinary people and can also sometimes look bad.

Bellucci has never boasted of her stunning appearance.

She is quite modest, admirable and feminine.

It is hard to believe that even Bellucci has flaws and disadvantages.

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