“Is she really 59?”: Demi Moore appeared on the cover of a magazine in a bodysuit and high knee boots

59-year-old Demi Moore in a bodysuit and knee boots left everyone speechless

Demi Moore is not only a talented and praiseworthy American actress but also a successful model whom you might have seen in a number of popular movies.

Currently, the gorgeous celebrity is already 59 but still frequently delights her fans with her charming and mind-blowing looks, photos and videos. And recently, the popular star appeared in one fashion magazine and astonishing absolutely everyone with her fantastic look.

Moore was in a very interesting black outfit which highlighted the woman’s figure. She chose high knee boots making her complete look more extravagant and unusual.

We can find a lot of pleasant and positive comments under Demi’s photos, whereas there are also those who rush to criticize the actress claiming that women at their 59 shouldn’t look this way.

How did you find her look?



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