“Is she really 57?”: Bellucci pleasingly surprised the guests of the film festival with her gorgeous appearance

Bellucci recently charmed the guests of a film festival with her ageless beauty

Bellucci rarely delights her fans with her new photos on social media whereas her spectacular appearance in public is definitely much more appreciated and valuable for her loyal audience.

Recently, the world famous actress and model visited a film festival organized in Spoleto, Italy. The charming woman was caught by the paparazzi and immediately attracted the whole internet. The network users rushed to claim that the woman looks simply fantastic at her age.

The celebrity was in a delicate white dress with a deep neckline. Her admirable outfit was completed with elegant black sunglasses.

The pictures taken on that special day instantly went viral and people couldn’t understand how she manages to look this way.

“How is it even possible at her 57?”, “I can’t believe she is already 57.”, “Just a goddess!”, “Perfection is you”.

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