“Inherited her father’s facial features”: Bellucci’s teenage daughter became the center of everyone’s attention

Network users actively discuss 17-year-old Deva and her mother Bellucci

The daughter of Italian actress and model Bellucci and French actor Cassel, despite her young age, isn’t less popular and successful than her parents. Since the age of 14, the adorable girl appears in such popular magazines as Vogue, D&G, etc.

Deva’s appearance is currently the center of everyone’s attention and people frequently compare her with her mother. Many of them hold the opinion that the girl inherited her father’s facial features and doesn’t look like her mother at all. Whereas the others claim that Deva is the exact copy of Bellucci.

The eldest daughter of the ex-spouses possesses “perfect” facial features and skin, flawless figure and long dark hair. That’s the reason why many world famous magazines and modeling agencies want to collaborate with her. Deva is gaining more and more popularity and isn’t going to stop.

Do you think she looks like her mother?


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