“Had my baby at 50”: Campbell finally showed the first photo of her cute newborn daughter

Here is the very first photo of Campbell’s adorable newborn daughter

Eventually, one of the most charming and successful models of our time has given birth to a baby. It is worth mentioning that Campbell first stepped on the catwalk when she was still a teenager and until today isn’t going to leave the podium.

Recently, the devoted mother celebrated her little daughter’s birthday and, in honor of that special event, the woman posted the baby’s very first pictures in which her tiny legs were seen.

“I impatiently waited for this precious moment”.

The world famous model’s followers are still wondering who the baby’s father actually is as no one was even aware of her pregnancy.

A reminder: The model’s parent heartlessly left their family when she was still 4 months.

She herself has dated such stars as De Niro, Doronin, DiCaprio and others. Though the celebrity hasn’t ever been married.

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