Another working day that turned out to be fatal: the cutest story of where the newborn baby was meant to be

You never imagine in which circumstances you will make the most important decisions.

A mother who gave birth in an ambulance was terrified to know that she was not able to look after her newborn. Applying her mother’s instinct, she asked someone she just shortly talked to, to be the official parent of her child.

Rebecca Grace, or „Gracie“, surely is worthy to her name. As maintained in Christian customs, the word „grace“ is interpreted as a gift from paradise, which was the case for Marc Hadden and his partner and trainer-instructor Beth.

The couple from South Carolina already had two biologic boys, Will and Parker. Since the time the two were born, they made a decision to affiliate due to hardships with their first two pregnancies. Though, due to the costs connected with the affiliation, they suffered losses.

A firefighter brings a child to work and ends up affiliating him when his mother is uncapable to help him.

November 11, 2011 was a calm day for firefighter Hadden. There was an emergency call all of a sudden, from which a firefighter aided a mother give birth in an ambulance. Hadden said.

„I was responsible for everything … I helped her to take a breath.“

After the woman came to the hospital, she announced that she was not able to look after the newborn baby. The father and husband in a humorous manner suggested to affiliate her newborn, despite the fact Hadden was pretty serious.

He told his wife about the occasion and she made up her mind to go to the hospital. Beth talked to her biological mother when the doctor announced her that they should start the affiliation process.

The upset biological mother said that she could not give her newborn to a person with whom she had never communicated. Beth remembered:

„He looked at me and said, ‚I want you to affiliate my baby.‘

This is a powerful case about an ordinary American brave man.

Two days later, Marc together with his partner brought Gracie home, legally they have three cute kids. Mother said she was very touched and felt like she had just won the lottery.

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In 2012, the husband and dad spoke of keeping the baby in their arms, realizing that she was his daughter. Marc stated:

“I don’t know if I have words. I never imagined that I would have a daughter. Definitely, we are lucky.“

Little Gracie is part of the family, like her siblings, who loved their sister from the beginning. However, their parents will surely introduce him where she comes from as well as the cutest story of how she appeared in their family, exactly where she was meant to be.

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