“A woman of unreal beauty and charm”: Monica Bellucci recently appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine

Here is charming Bellucci on the cover of a popular fashion magazine

M. Bellucci is considered the icon of women’s charm and femininity for millions of people. Even at her 57, the celebrity still regularly appears in fashion magazines and every single time delights the whole world with her unearthly beauty. Currently, she rarely stars in films though there is a great number of offers.

The fans of the world famous model and actress can’t perceive why Monica strongly refuses to undergo plastic surgeries and other procedures in order to maintain her appearance for a long time.

Bellucci confesses that she completely accepts all the age-related changes and won’t ever undergo surgeries.

Lately, the popular star appeared on the cover a new fashion magazine in an elegant black bodysuit with a beige shirt. The graceful woman delighted everyone with her femininity and “ageless” figure. Most surprisingly, she doesn’t go on diets and fully enjoys her life.

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