A great man with an extremely big heart: this man saved the lives of over 30 pups

This man couldn’t imagine that everything would end up like this.

Bobby Humphreys together with his wife has owned three Rottweilers for most of their lives.

Therefore, he always considered himself a “guy with a big dog” and joked when his friends walked with their little ones. He never thought about getting a dog as small as a chihuahua.

“In fact, I would play pranks on any of my guy friends if they happened to walk with a tiny dog. I really didn’t give anyone a chance.”

But then Bobby’s life took a dramatic turn when his marriage of 17 years ended. He was broken-hearted, fell into deep despondency, and even planned to commit suicide. Nonetheless, his friend Connie denied leaving him and supported him through this hard period.

“My fellow Connie presented me what a true fellowship really means. Whatever I needed he was by my side. It’s needless to mention, I have a feeling of owing.” Bobby told the Heart Dogs.

Once, Connie asked Bobby to spend some time with his favorite Chihuahua lady. He hesitated as he had met the dog previously and she appeared frosty to him.

Needless to mention that Humphreys made fun of people of his age who had tiny dogs like Lady. However, Bobby made a decision to support his fellow as he had the feeling of debt. His determination saved not only Lady’s life but also the 30 other pup’s life.

As soon as Bobby returned home with Lady, the latter behaved the way Bobby had never met her previously. To his amazement, the little puppy climbed into her lap and passed time with him, and they rapidly became fellows.

When Connie returned in order to check on Bobby and Lady, he was astonished at the scene of their hugs. From that time on Bobby had a new affection to tiny dogs.

After Lady returned to Connie, Bobby made a decision to acquire his own Chihuahua. He discovered a pup named Kira who was one. The latter survived the horrible states in which she was kept by her former owners. Bobby rescued this puppy and supported her showing how to love and believe people again.

Bobby started carrying home more and more Chihuahuas who had a difficult start or who had special needs. Finally, he made up his mind to launch his own animal rescue project called Big Guy, Little World Sanctuary.

“Our aim is to save chihuahuas who are in horrible conditions, being mistreated, starving from hunger, sick, mentally retarded, and so forth.

We either give them a permanent home with us where they never feel abandoned or anything like that again, or we treat them to get well and affiliate them. We just have a desire to rescue as many pups as possible,” said Bobby.

Bobby is a big man with an extremely big heart. He is now accountable for rescuing the lives and taking care of over 30 Chihuahuas. If you have a desire to see more admiring shots of Bobby’s pups, follow his Facebook account.

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