What Sophie Hadjipanteli with her unique monobrow currently looks like

How the famous model with the unique monobrow now looks

People from all over the world know this popular model named Sophie Hadjipanteli due to her famous monobrow. This unique element of her appearance distinguishes herself from other models.

Nowadays, Hadjipanteli is well recognized due to her uniqueness with the help of which she has become a new icon of beauty. Now Sophie has a large number of subscribers who find her monobrow very attractive and unique.

Whereas, as it was later found out, Sophie isn’t fond of her natural beauty at all. Recently, she took the risk and decided to tweeze her brows making them much thinner. She also shared her new photos and people declared that her unique monobrow suited her the best and without it she has nothing to be distinguished from others.

There were, of course, some people who really like the model’s new look, but the majority complains about what she did claiming that before she was absolutely unique and much more beautiful than now.

What do you actually think of her transformation?


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