Vincent Cassel shared heartwarming photos with his awesome children from Bellucci

Here are photos of Vincent Cassel’s adorable daughters from Bellucci

Actor V. Cassel and model and actress M. Bellucci had lived together for about 14 years. The couple had first encountered during the filming in 1996 and got married after three years. By the way, Bellucci once confessed that she didn’t like Vincent at first. It took her some time to fall in love with the man.

5 years after their marriage, the spouses had their first daughter whom they named Deva. The girl has already grown up and, undoubtedly, inherited her mother’s -unearthly grace and beauty. In 2010, Bellucci gave birth to their second daughter – Leonie. Though the couple divorced and the children live with their Bellucci, Cassel regularly spends much time with the kids. Here is the heartwarming photo the actor has lately posted on Instagram.

All his followers were simply in delight declaring how caring and devoted father he actually is.


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