“Tore Monroe’s iconic dress”: Kardashian tore the legendary semi-transparent dress of Monroe

Kardashian was heavily criticized for having torn Monroe’s famous dress

Kim Kardashian managed to become the center of everyone’s attention again. This time the gorgeous woman appeared in Met Gala in a semi-transparent and heavily beautiful dress which was previously worn by Monroe. Exactly in this iconic dress, Marilyn congratulated President Kennedy. As it is known, the dress was made to order for Monroe herself.

It had been kept in a museum for many years and now Kardashian decided to appear in Met Gala in this dress delighting everyone and imitating Monroe’s legendary look. In order to wear this gorgeous dress, the celebrity had to lose about eight kilos.

As a result, the dress lost several crystals. It also got scuffed, that’s why a number of people rushed to criticize Kim for the damage.

But there were also those who supported Kim declaring that the star paid a greta sum of money for it as well as warned the museum that something could happen to it.

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