The Iron Man star, Robert Downey Jr., has accepted, that he can no longer live his life without the animals he has saved

The Iron Man and his animals

You’ve probably heard of Robert Downey Jr., who portrays Ironman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and whose love for animals is unending, as he consistently demonstrates.

Dr. Dolitley, a well-known doctor, was able to talk extremely well with creatures, which was not hard for him because the concept of talking with creatures was established by him, but he has a species of wildlife in Malibu.

He and his wife, Susan, once adopted two cats who became part of their family right away.

Molly is a friendly and outgoing person who is appreciative for her family’s support and love.

In the author’s home, there are dogs and cats, as well as llama-like animals that are kept in cages.

Animals such as chickens, pigs, and cattle were also included to their home, which was considered to be built around an architectural motif.

Downey Jr. switched to a tree diet after learning about the inhumane abuse of animals.

During the opening of one of the movies, he expressed his admiration for his wife’s work as a director, calling her „the most creative maker in the history of film.“

He further stated that he used to make funny faces for cash and chicken, but that he no longer eats chicken. The Carbon foot print was created by well-known performers with the purpose of saving and cleaning up the earth utilising robotics and nanostructures.

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