Ornella Muti in her 60s left everyone speechless with her flawless skin and admirable figure

66-year-old Ornella Muti’s unearthly beauty and charm recognize no time

It seems as if time has stopped for 66-year-old Italian actress Ornella Muti. A simple look at the celebrity is more than enough to admire the woman’s mind-blowing and gorgeous appearance. Believe it or not, Ornella Muti will soon turn 70, but she still looks stunning and much younger that she actually is. There is an impression as if the celebrity forgot about her real age and the unearthly beauty and grace she possesses are timeless.

Ornella recently showed herself wearing shorts during her vacation astonishing her fans with her flawless skin and desirable body. Many network users claimed that the 66-year-old woman looks as if she has just turned 20.

Muti completed her stupendous look with a white shirt and an elegant blouse with a thin neckline. The celebrity tied her head with a fashionable scarf and wore stylish sunglasses.

There is no need to mention that her fans were greatly surprised witnessing their beloved 66-year-old Italian actress and declared how gorgeous and admirable she actually is. Some of them even remarked that Ornella can easily be considered to be the icon of female beauty and charm.

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