Julia Robert’s message addressed to women greatly surprised the whole internet

Julia Roberts addresses her powerful message to all women living in this world

Recently, Roberts shared her sensational and powerful message on social media where the legendary actress persuades all women to strongly reject artificial beauty and not to try to correspond to all beauty standards at any price. The talented artist claims that there are way much more important values in our lives that we simply should start to notice and take into account.

We hope that this powerful and essential message will be useful for all of you.

Julia Roberts: “Perfectness is, undoubtedly, a real disease. We daily cover our faces with tones of cosmetic products, do injections and botox in order to look “ideal”, thus corresponding to the rules and stereotypes accepted by our society. But we, unfortunately, forgot about the most vital thing which we really should take most care of.

Do you know what I mean? Our souls. It is high time to work on ourselves. You all should start to accept and love each and every angle of your body as if you don’t love yourself, no one else will.

Now I would like to officially announce something: I refuse to wear makeup anymore as I don’t want to wear another face. It is times to remove our masks. This is my real self.

We really don’t have to fit in all the standards.

I am extremely tired of this and I am finally telling myself “Stop!”. Let’s be ourselves without creating artificial beauty.

None of us can correspond to all the standards and our appearance should, in fact, be the last thing we care about. The most important is our souls.”

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