Here are Monica Bellucci’s quotes about life and beauty which will help each and every woman

“Beauty is a gift, just like good health or intelligence”: Bellucci’s quotes about life

One of the most beautiful and attractive women Bellucci sometimes affords herself to eat fast food, yet the popular celebrity always manages to keep herself fit. And she doesn’t even hide the secret of her unearthly beauty – you simply should love yourself.

Bellucci’s name is actually a synonym to women’s beauty and means “Italian Goddess” who easily attracts everyone with her charm and grace. Despite her age, the star still remains flawless and beautiful.

In her childhood years, she had nothing special compared with other kids. Moreover, her parents had the girl’s hair cut so short that Monica looked rather awkward and didn’t feel self-confident at all. However, in the course of time, the girl started to look so nice and beautiful that absolutely everyone admired her. Monica didn’t have a lot of friends as she was mainly focused on her studies. After school, the girl started to attend the University and studied law in order to earn enough money for living. But as she grew up, many people noticed a great potential in her and she eventually chose to build a career in modeling industry. Bellucci quitted studying and devoted herself to modeling.

Her beauty secrets aren’t only connected with her genes, but only her wise and mature approach to life.

“Once I was shocked with this powerful thought: Beautiful women are destined for guys who don’t possess imagination. I personally know a number of intelligent people who aren’t successful simply because they don’t have desirable and beautiful appearance.

Beautiful lips is an erotic gesture, sensible and beautiful. This is a ritual which came from my mother and grandmother. It is so touching and interesting that my 80-year-old grandmother put on lipstick before going out.

You are beautiful if you think so. It doesn’t matter what others may think about you. Beauty inspires poets.

I will never be skinny. I am rather lazy in my essence. I really love eating. I don’t want to look artificial.

Sometimes you may meet assholes whom you will be madly in love with. These are demons who attract women.

For men, love is a part of life. For women, love is the whole life.

I became independent at a very young age and now I don’t know how to ask men for anything.

Beauty becomes a problem for women in two cases: when they don’t have it, and when they have nothing but it.

Beauty is a great chance for which you should be grateful.

A woman can love as if she won’t ever leave. And she can leave as if she hasn’t ever loved before.

People can forgive people for their intelligence, talent, but never for beauty.

Beauty becomes natural and intriguing when it is covered with clothes.

Love lives when there is respect and freedom.

Instead of going to the gym, I wear black clothes which is much more practical and pleasant.

Beauty is power only when you know how to use it.

There is no need to hate those who envy you, they just confess that you are better than them.

Femininity is harmony and sensibility.

When I was a little girl I wanted to prove that I have brain. Now, I don’t really care.


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