“Far from a model”: The recent photos of Beckham’s 10-year-old daughter surprised their fans  

This is how Beckham’s daughter looks who, according to fans, is far from a model

The heirs of celebrities are always the center of everyone’s attention, especially on the internet and the media. Paparazzi and journalists take a great interest not only in the popular celebrities, but also their children. And Beckham’s wonderful family is not an exception. Their 10-year-old daughter named Harper lives an ordinary life typical of a child.

Harper also appear in the center of people’s attention quite frequently. For example, recently the adorable10-year-old girl went to the theatre with her beloved father and was really happy and satisfied. The famous artist’s fans were, in fact, in great surprise as they didn’t think Beckham’s little daughter looks plump and is actually far from a model, as they mentioned.

Victoria Beckham has always dreamed that her daughter would become a model. She herself has constantly gone on strict diets but Harper doesn’t really like the modeling.

Many people believe that Victoria is not satisfied and glad of her daughter’s appearance at all.

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