Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova shared very heartwarming photos with their children

Iglesias’s and Kournikova’s photos with their awesome kids stole their fans’ hearts

Lately, the whole world followed the matches of the year. At the World Cup, Russia was supported like never before and among the army of fans were also some celebrities.

Anna Kournikova was excited and enthusiastic about the matches following them with her son Nicolas who was still 5-month-old at that time.

Their fans were simply astonished seeing the family photos declaring how adorable the son of Enrique and Anna was.

Anna with her awesome child supported the Russian team. (ended 5:0)

Enrique also had heartwarming and touching photos with his admirable kids.

Their fans were, undoubtedly, in delight witnessing the wonderful family. And the news that the spouses were expecting twins greatly surprised everyone.

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