“Did she surpass her charming mother?”: Here is Deva, Monica Bellucci’s stunning and admirable daughter

This is Bellucci’s daughter Deva who, according to many, surpassed her mother

Charming and talented actress Monica Bellucci raises her two adorable daughters from her previous marriage. The beloved and exemplary spouses have, unfortunately, divorced but they try to keep a warm relationship as they have two admirable kids and, of course, respect towards each other.

Bellucci’s eldest daughter has, believe it or not, turned 17 who hasn’t appeared in public for a long time and now it is time for her to conquer everyone’s heart and attract the modeling industry.

Initially, Deva had an Instagram account, then she started to actively take part in many beauty contests and photo sessions. Now the girl frequently appears on the cover of many world famous magazines.

Once she appeared in the modeling industry, the girl was constantly heavily criticized as people believed she would never be as charming and influential as her mother Monica.

Whereas now everything is alright. The young model enjoys the love from her admirers from all over the world and continues delighting everyone with her appearance.

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