A little dog became a mother for little homeless opossums

The caring dog, that helped the opossums survive

A dog in Brazil adopted several opossums when they had lost their mother. Fortunately the woman, named Stephanie Maldonado found them just in time and took them with her dog Petrinha.

Stephanie called the animals rescue organisation to take the babies, but they couldn’t help as they didn’t have a spare room.

The babies must be fed every two hours as they were very little and hadn’t even opened their eyes.

The babies were adopted by a little dog.

Stephanie was worried, that they couldn’t survive without their mother, who was with them all the time. Petrinha was just in time.

The dog decided to take the responsibility for the babies as if they were her own.

Stephanie posted an update about the opossums on her Facebook account:

“My dog takes care of the babies, treats them very kindly and hugs all the time.”

Petrinha wanted to thought the babies to live without being sterilized and unable to produce milk for them. The little possums saw her as their mother and went after her all the time.

The dog loved them so much, that she let them climb on her back to go for walks, like a mother opossum would do.

The surrogate mother took a good care of the babies and they gained weight.

Stephanie and Petrinha took the appropriate care and were able to be released into the wild.

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