When the woman brought the helpless kittens to her home, she knew that they would be in the safe hands due to her loving doggy  

It is fascinating to hear that the kind doggy looks after the homeless kittens.

A volunteer of a kitten rescue organisation of New Work City has a very kind and caring pet in her house, who takes care about each animal she brings home.

This time she must look after the four kittens who needed to get medical attention, a lot of care and support.

At that time they were approximately 3-4 weeks old, but their real colours were not clear.

The smallest of them is Peanut, who is the most flexible and he demands more attention than others.

The kittens created a very good relationship with their big friend named Kona, who did her best for making their lives safe and careless.

The doggy became their mommy who took care about them with great pleasure.

The loving pet is very attentive about all the creatures her mommy brings home and she knows that she is a protector for each helpless animal. She kisses and hugs them showing that she always by their side and is ready to protect them from any danger. And these little babies are not an exception.

The smallest kitten gets more care and attention and likes to be caressed by his caring mommy.

The careful doggy even takes her babies to bed and strokes all of them before sleeping. She hugs and kisses them a lot.

Thanks to this loving pet the kittens became more active and funny and they even discovered their voices. Especially the little one has the most pleasant voice and when he wants something he begins to meow until getting it.

The kittens continue living with their loving owner and the caring mommy and enjoy their time with them.

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