This wonderful monkey is fond of all the animals she meets. How adorable she is  

There is nothing more pleasant than seeing how this cute monkey befriends with everyone.

It is known that dogs are considered the most friendly and loyal animals, that befriend with everyone around them. But it turns out that monkeys can also be very sociable and friendly and communicate with everyone they meet.

The story of a monkey who takes care about 5 ducklings became very popular on social media and it collected more than 80 million views.

But our today’s hero is more fascinating, because this monkey not only befriends with ducks, but also each animal she meets. Her name is Bibi and she lives in the Animal Home in Indonesia, where many other animals live. And the most attractive thing is that Bibi cannot ignore any of them and likes to communicate with everyone. And her friendly character attracts a great number of people and she became their favourite.

Here is some cute and fascinating photos of the monkey and her loving friends. Enjoy them.

Although she loves all the animals, ducklings are her favourite.

Seeing that her lovely animals are in need, she hurries to calm and stroke them.

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