The unique appearance of these fascinating squirrels distinguishes them from others. They are miracles!  

These creatures are indescribably beautiful.

Squirrels are humans’ favourite and even people keep them as pets. They can be found in parks, gardens and attract people with their beauty.

On social media you can watch many interesting and fascinating pictures and videos of them.

But these magnificent creatures don’t belong to the ordinary squirrels. These gigantic animals are very colourful and it makes them unique. This type can be found in India and they have black, brown, orange, maroon, and purple patterns.

They are also differ from others with their sizes. From their head until the fascinating tails, it is approximately three feet long.

These adorable squirrels rarely can be pets. They enjoy their lives on the trees and eat flowers, wood, leaves and insects and even the bird eggs can be their meal. Their long tails help them get the food easily.

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