The staff put the live goat in front of the tiger as a meal, and what happened then surprised everyone  

After seeing the tiger’s behaviour towards the defenceless goat the workers stayed speechless.

The Amur tiger who lives in one of the parks in Russia always ate live food two times during a week. But when he met Timur something else happened.

When the goat was put in front of the tiger as a meal something unbelievable happened. The tiger refused to eat the animal and left him alone.

From that time the tiger realised that Timur wasn’t a food for him and the two unlike animals became loyal friends.

Now the goat is in the safe hands, under the care and protection of the tiger. The staff claims that the tiger is always next to the goat to protect him from other animals.

Here is a cute video of this adorable couple.

The whole world is attracted by their story. Unfortunately the staff had to divide the animals because the goat poked the tiger with his horns and as a result the tiger caught him with his teeth and shook as a little kitten. But he didn’t want to kill the goat, but the cutie had some injuries and got a treatment.

Now they live inseparable but their love story isn’t over. Their cages are next to each other and the distance doesn’t disturb them to show their love and they enjoy their presence every day.

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