The 40-year-old racehorse and 58-year-old man are very happy to have each other

The sweet friendship between a racehorse and a man

It is known, that dogs are people’s best friends.

In our story the horse became the best friend for Donnie McAdams.

A purebred racehorse named Waco Hanover likes to spend his free time with his friend Donnie.

Donnie waits every day to finally come back from work to be with his lovely friend.

The horse lives near the stables. They are neighbours.

“The horse assisted to carry a five-gallon bucket of water, as it was very difficult for me.”

The horse and Donnie met in 2008 and it seemed, that the horse didn’t want to eat anything.

“We didn’t know whether the horse will survive or not.”

Now they like to play together.

In 2017 Waco was 40-year-old, which is similar to 120 human years.

Sadly the horse didn’t survive for a long time.

The lovely dog passed away at the age of 42.

The animals are so lively, that they can change our lives for the better.

Donnie and Waco are very happy to know each other.

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