Interesting photo-puzzles for eyes and brain which are not very easy to solve

Here are intriguing photo-puzzles which are hard to solve

Once some unusual and suspicious photos, which seem unbelievable and insoluble at first sight, are posted on the Internet, people start to criticize their authors for editing and altering the photos so that they seem mysterious and shocking. But it is actually not always true that authors somehow change the photos, but certain angles, lights and shadows effortlessly turn usual and ordinary photos into mysterious puzzles. You simply have to be careful and observant enough to solve them.

Folded giraffe

Legs and arms are mixed

A new breed of dogs: two-sided

An adult baby girl

Very serious man

Snow White with gnomes

Due to the light, it seems as if the door is slightly moved

A bike not for age

The mini version of the doggie

These are actually brothers, but it seems at first sight that in the photos there is one and the same guy with transformation “before and after”.

You are to be very attentive and use your intuition in order to guess what is actually going on

This is not what you thought..

Where is the lower part of her body? (Actually, the girl hid halfway behind a high platform and lawn)

Here is the trampoline

Look attentively! The cow hasn’t eaten anyone

When you haven’t trained your whole body

A reliable disguise

Who actually looks at their reflection on the mirror?

Attention! Not a single human or an animal was harmed! This is all foreshortening!

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