A Tiny Courageous Yorkshire Terrier of a Military Service Saved the Lives of About 250 US Army Soldiers During World War II

250 US soldiers were saved due to a tiny brave Yorkshire terrier

When we think of military service dogs big breeds such as Shepherds, Retrievers and Labradors automatically come to our mind. However, this story makes us add little Yorkshire terriers to this list, as well.

This incredible story is about a courageous Yorkshire terrier who saved the lives of 250 US army soldiers. It all started when the soldiers were repairing the car on the side of the road and they suddenly heard screams and shouts coming from an old abandoned foxhole.

When the soldiers approached the foxhole they found a little cute doggy there and rescued her. The cutie pie had grayish fur and because of this she was named Smoky.

One of the corporals developed a unique special bond with the doggy. They even shared the tent and the food together.

The corporal taught the cutie pie various tricks, dances and he even taught the doggy how to serve on an equal basis with the soldiers and perform different tasks.

She was able to do a job just in a matter of minutes that the soldiers would be able to do in a few days due to her small size.

One of the heroic deeds of the wonderful doggy was that she saved her beloved corporal’s life by navigating him toward the exit from the deck of the exploded ship which had been attacked.

As a result of this, the corporal escaped the bullets that wounded lots of people and could even take his life.

During her life in the army, Smoky the cutie managed to withstand a typhoon, 150 air raids, 12 combat missions and even a parachute jump. There are 8 battle stars on the list of her achievements.

Unfortunately, Smoky passed away in 1957 at the age of 14. There is her statue made from bronze in a soldier’s helmet on her grave.

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