A cute parakeets couple had 4 healthy and awesome babies

The cute babies, that were born from colourful parents

The amazing love story of these colourful animals is really interesting. Maura T. Hennelly shred the love story of her parakeets on Twitter, and the whole Internet started to follow their love story.

Parakeets are great pets for whose, who are allergic to fur. They are very lovable characters  and people loved them very much.

In 2017 Maura noticed, that his colourful pet, named Kiwi felt sad and depressed and she got a girlfriend for him, but they didn’t have successful relationships. Some time passed, when Maura got him Siouxsie, a new girlfriend for him.

They immediately fell in love with each other. Different colouring birds many people’s hearts and started following their love story. And after some time Maura shared the news, that Siouxsie is going to lay eggs and later they had four babies. “Now Maura and his wife have four beautiful babies.”

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