71-year-old Gere shared a joint photo with his 99-year-old father

R. Gere recently posted a wonderful joint photo with his father

It goes without saying that time passes extremely quickly and the idols we madly adored in our childhood years are already in their 70s or even more. Do you remember how all the girls used to be blindly in love with the handsome hero from “Pretty Woman” named Richard Gere who stole everyone’s heart? So, believe it or not, he is already 71.

This year the talented actor’s father already turned 99 and Gere recently shared an amazing joint photo with his father.

The actor’s loyal fans commented on the photo in a very positive way declaring how nice and handsome he actually looked and wished the elderly man to live long and happily. They claimed that he didn’t look at his age at all.

It is worth mentioning that in 2018, Richard got married and Alexandra Silva became his beloved wife. The wedding took place in Spain yet the celebration itself was in New York City. From her previous marriage, Silva has one child. In 2019, the spouses became parents when an adorable baby boy came to this world. They named their son Alexander.

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