«Zero size and nothing to show off!»: Depp’s ex-partner failed to impress people with her unsuccessfully chosen dress

Heard shows zero size and intimate tattoos in a revealing dress on the red carpet 🤔😳

The appearance of A. Heard on the red carpet at the Canner film Festival quickly became the subject of discussions. The dress she gave her preference to for such a remarkable event was chosen unsuccessfully and failed to impress people.

A great number of network users rushed to advise her to find a new stylist and choose dresses for such a big-scale event more carefully.

Despite the fact it was a designer dress, it failed to suit the Hollywood actress. The way she appeared on the red carpet didn’t impress anyone and soon became the subject of discussions.

«She has nothing to show off!», «Zero size and lack of charm», «At least she didn’t come completely naked», «Flat and unattractive», «What is she trying to show? There is literally nothing».

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