«You’re not aged, you’re simply not a billionaire’s mother»: The glamorous look of Musk’s mother surprised the fans

Musk’s mother forgot how old she was and appeared in a see-through mini dress 😳😍

The mother of the world-famous entrepreneur and billionaire delights everyone with her timeless beauty and unwavering energy. M. Musk has been engaged in modeling featuring in Time Magazine, Vogue, Elle Magazines.

She is a highly skilled nutritionist and delivers lectures across the States. She serves as a role model for millions.

Last year, she received an honorary doctorate from the South Africa’s Free State University. Even now, she remains active, enthusiastic and looks too gorgeous for her age.

She still delights the world starring in the May Issue of Greek magazine InStyle. The celebrity mother never ceases to appear in daring, glamorous and, to some extent, outrageous outfits. Her most recent look was in a see-through mini-dress.

Her vibrant makeup with smoky eyes and red lipstick captivated everyone. Her elegance knew no boundaries.

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