«Who stole Hulk’s heart?»: The legendary wrestler showed his young fiancée and left people speechless

Here is the young woman who stole Hogan’s heart and will become his third wife 🤔😳

Here is H. Hogan, the star of «Cool Walker», a legendary actor and wrestler who has recently got engaged to S. Daly. The woman is a yoga instructor and, believe it or not, is twenty-four years younger than him.

The iconic star proposed to her with a microphone in hand and standing in front of the woman during her birthday party. The man was in a T-shirt, jeans and a bandana.

The former WWE Champion unveiled how their relationship began. After they first met, the man had to call her and soon they were in a deep conversation. The couple began dating in 2022 shortly after the man broke up with J. McDaniel.

In February 2022 the celebrity was spotted with his girlfriend many times and, thus, had to officially announce his divorce from Jennifer. It is worth mentioning that the actor is going to get married for the third time.

His first wife was L. Claridge (1983-2009), the second one was J. McDaniel (2010-2021). The man has two children from his first marriage.

The legendary actor rarely posts photos and details about his personal life preferring to keep it private and away from the public eye.


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