«Who said all ballerinas are skinny?»: The story of this overweight ballerina from Brazil left the world speechless

220 lbs ballerina breaks all the stereotypes and amazes the world with her dances 😳🥹

Here is T. Maranga from Brazil who breaks the stereotypes accepted globally amazing the entire world with her excellent performances. Despite the fact she weighs no less than 100 kilos, she is a brilliant ballerina and an influencer.

Those who say mean things and criticize her for her extra weight probably don’t know the whole story. The whole thing is that she was always thin, but quickly gained weight because of cancer.

Fortunately, she could overcome cancer and started to enjoy her life again. It was dancing that helped her overcome her depression. Now, because of her weight, she has to work even harder and more diligently.

She serves as a prime example for people who don’t correspond to the society’s expectations.

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