«What lies behind looking stunning at 85?»: The fitness Queen shares the secret to her beauty and youthfulness

This is what keeps Fonda timelessly beautiful and young despite her senior age 😍

Despite her senior age, J. Fonda firmly holds the title of the Queen of fitness due to her ageless beauty and youthfulness. She is a role model who proved to the entire world that it is quite possible to look effortlessly stunning at such a senior age.

Interestingly enough, even her health issues failed to prevent her from her regular exercises and trainings. It has been not once that the star claims that she is involved in physical exercises not for her beauty, but for her health.

She added that the people who want to be thin and nothing more will never gain self-confidence and happiness since it gives nothing but weight loss.

Fonda has several videos for people who are somehow interested in sports, including exercises for pregnant women, workouts for children and even yoga.  Despite her senior age, she still periodically shared videos.

She also accentuates the importance of raising public awareness in women rights being strongly against the stereotype that women are inferior to men.

One of the main secrets to her amazing appearance lies in her self-love. Since the time she became a feminist, she has known the importance of women’s involvement in sports and regular training.

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